I did it. I started a new blog tonight. Lately something has been pulling at me to WRITE. Just write. I really enjoy it and I really miss it. When I was enrolled in a writing class at UHMC, I had to write for assignments. I kinda miss those days. It’s time to get back to it.

I was pondering on exactly what to write about… Maui. I live on Maui. And I love living on Maui. Those who know me, know this to be true.

I know there are so many Hawaii blogs… but I also know that no one sees what I see. I experience things differently. And I want to talk about them and show off the things that make my heart sing.


I’ll talk about more here.



18 till 18.

Do you know what I did last night? I took my little baby boy to his high school to pick up his cap and gown for graduation. Wait. He’s not a baby. That’s right. In fact, he’s taller than me. He drives. He’s almost 18. And soon, he’ll be a high school graduate on his way to college.

I was pondering this thought the other night as I was driving home. Thinking about when he used to be little. Tears were streaming down my face and I was trying to grasp how this all happened so quickly. He used to need my help and rely on me for everything. He needed me to pick out his clothes, make his dinner and remind him to take a bath. Independence blossomed and he matured over time. Those teenage years were such a roller coaster ride.

I started thinking about that first night alone with him as a brand new baby. I was so scared to have him–this little helpless baby terrified me. It makes me laugh now. That first tooth. Riding without training wheels. Kindergarten. 4th grade. Middle school. Football practice. Driver’s Ed. High school. License. Applying for college… and last night we picked up his graduation attire. I’m so proud, but it’s so bittersweet for me. People always told me, “they grow up in the blink of an eye.” But when you’re in the midst of potty training, terrible twos, helping with homework, running them to practice while trying to do 100 other things–it feels like it’s never going to end. And then, suddenly, you can see the end. They are on the home stretch. Adulthood is right there. But how can that be?

Jordan will turn 18 in 18 days. I’m making it a priority to sit down each day and write down some of the things I remember from his childhood. What he was like, things he said, places we went, memories that made us laugh.

Memory lane can be soothing to the soul.


Till next time,


Crafting in the jungle.

I got together with a few girlfriends on a beautiful Saturday and we spent the day crafting. Driftwood. Paints. Glue guns. Ribbons. Sea glass. It was so heavenly.

We all worked on different projects, talked, laughed and let the creativity soar. I decided to paint some driftwood for some signs that I had been dying to make. While pulling that brush across the wood, I realized how long it had been since I had felt a paintbrush in my hand.

I could really do this more often. It was therapeutic for me. I plan on doing more wall signs, postcards and jewelry. Arts and crafts are not just for kids. Girls of all ages benefit from a creative outlet.

Stay tuned for more projects! And a new etsy store 🙂


A visit from Minnesota

Josh’s folks came to maui for a nice long vacation. They came here when temps in MN were in the -20’s-ish degrees. We sat outside and looked at each other and shook our heads in disbelief that we were celebrating Christmas with 80* days. While they were here, we did a ton of exploring. It’s one of those awesome things about having visitors.. It’s time to play “tour guide” and explore these 727 square miles of beauty. And that’s kinda what we did.








































Christmas. Beach. Hana. Blowhole. Jamberry. Waterfalls. Hot tub. Playing cards. Iao. Lots of laughs and tons of memories. It was a blast to spend some quality time with such wonderful people. Till we meet again 🙂



Every time it rains, I have to be on the look out. It seems as if rainbows run rampant here. It drizzles. Rainbow. It pours. Rainbow. It sprinkles. RAINBOW! I hope my instagram fans aren’t getting tired of my colorful posts. I just can’t help myself. Take a looksie and see for yourself…









So so beautiful. I’m thankful for each and every one. #GodsPromise 🌈🌈🌈🌈

Halloween in Hawaii.

Since I no longer have any seasonal cues, holidays just sneak up on me. Halloween?! Already?! So I made some plans to visit Front Street in Lahaina. I threw together a Minnesota Vikings fan costume that actually turned out really cute and made me miss my home state.
It was a perfect day for Halloween. I mean: Perfect. For someone who has grown up wearing layers under my costume–or jackets over my costume, 85* was a really nice change. Shorts and a T-shirt on October 31st?! I’ll take it.
We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then headed out to see the parade. Little did we know that we would actually be in the parade so that was kinda cool. We had a lovely night and everyone was enjoying themselves. We saw some really creative costumes. Since we had kids and didn’t want to see any crazy come out, we left early so the kids could do a little trick or treating. Next year I’m going to do it big. Here’s a few pictures of the evening….













Catching up.

Can it really be the end of October?! I try to wrap my head around the fact that life is going at warp speed. Boom. Another month in the books. Wow. Well we are a busy bunch and that sits fine with all of us. Jordan runs, McKenzie swims, Josh surfs and I do everything else. Haha. I love our little life. It really isn’t perfect and has quite a few hiccups, but He blesses my socks off. My heart is full of gratitude living here. Stay tuned for our one year blog post. I know… It’s about 5 months late, but I made a promise to another blogger and I am going to keep it. Plus I really have been reflecting on our first year here. I’ve learned so much.

Here are a few pretty pictures for you. This post would never be complete with out some Maui-wowies 🙂


















Sometimes I am still in awe by the fact that we live here. Last weekend we went to North Shore for birthday party. While enjoying our time at the beach, we noticed a sea turtle (honu) making his way onto shore. Hookipa was super busy that day, but this turtle didn’t care. He was going to do some suntanning on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. It’s so glorious to see nature out and about doing it’s thing. After one turtle made his appearance, others followed suit. By the end of the night right at sunset, there was an estimated 25 turtles on the beach. it was such an awesome sight. Another reason why I am so thankful that I get to see some of these things with my very own eyes.





Did you want a sample? You do :)

I started a jamberry blog… contain all my pretties in one pretty place. I will be posting periodically when I want to show you something new. If you want a sample, you can simply click on the link, fill it out and BOOM.. I’ll drop on in the mail STAT! Easy peasy!

My jamberry blog is:
Read it if you like. I will be updating it more often.

The document to request a sample is:

Thanks for stopping by. I love the support I get from my readers.

Pretty Hawaii photos coming soon. Stay tuned! But here’s a sneak peek anyway: DCIM100GOPRO



Hosting a foreign exchange student

Hmm.. hosting a student from another country. It was an interesting thought. I first saw it posted in our church bulletin. It sounded like a really fun opportunity. I was a little nervous though. What if she didn’t like staying with us? What if she got homesick and I didn’t know what to do? Then I saw a post on Facebook looking for host families. I figured this was my calling and I needed to answer I went to the website and filled out the quick application–for fun–and to get the ball rolling. I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea yet. I was immediately contacted by Chase who wanted to talk more and he explained how it all worked. I pulled the family together for a meeting over dinner. Since Jordan was in the mainland for the summer, we would definitely have the space to host. McKenzie was really excited to have another girl to hang with. We agreed it was a go. We read through her application and knew that she was a sweet, easy going girl… one who liked normal girl things: movies, texting and friends. And we knew her name was Estelle and she was from France. I attended a quick informational meeting to understand all the things that the kids would be doing and what the three weeks would look like. We were getting excited to meet her! Finally the day came and all the families gathered at the Kahului airport to welcome these students. They were all smiles–even after a 20 hour fight! We greeted Estelle, found her suitcase and headed out to grab some dinner. I learned from emailing her mother a few days prior that Estelle was a vegetarian which is a good thing for our family–we don’t do much meat. We asked her if she would like to get sushi and she was thrilled–it’s one of her favorites! We laughed and learned while dining on some of Maui’s finest food. The days to follow were planned out to fill in the gaps of her itinerary through ACE. We started out her first day on Maui–the 4th of July–with snorkeling, swimming and SUP. The girls had a blast together. Estelle scored her first sunburn–even though she was so thorough about applying that sunscreen. The Maui sun is just different. It’s strong and it’s really hard to avoid when you are enjoying the great outdoors. We took her all over the place: Hiking, BBQ’s, a birthday party, swimming, shopping and exploring. She is one busy girl here.

So far these kids have visited south Maui, west Maui, Haleakala, Hana and the trip to Molokini is scheduled for tomorrow. They’ve surfed, hiked, paddled, swam, attended a luau, and spent many glorious hours at the beach! We’ve learned a lot from having Estelle here. She has become our french daughter and we are excited to keep in contact with her after she goes home. We have a few more days to hang and have fun and then they kids head home on Thursday. I’m already sad to think of her leaving. We won’t focus on that, we’ll focus on the fun things we’re gonna do this week!
10449468_306569239514341_5145233221811712607_n Photo taken by Tenessa Cavitt of ACE international

If you’ve been thinking of hosting an exchange student, I say “do it!” Talk it over with your family and get ready to have fun and play tourist.

Contact Chase or Tenessa if you have any questions! They also have a Facebook page:

Till next time 🙂