About BP

Hi! I’m Bridgett. This is my very first blog! I’ve wanted to start one for a long time, but wasn’t ever sure what I would write about. I finally have a reason!! We moved from Minnesota to Montana to Maui… so this is our “virtual scrapbook” for all of our family and friends! They are along with us–for the adventure 🙂

I’ve been married to Josh since 1998. He is my best friend, my back-bone, my loving and adoring husband. God blessed me with a truly amazing spouse. We were neighbors when we were 4 years old, and we were re-united at a christian youth conference {10,000 other kids were there} when I recognized him–11 years later!!! Pretty sure THAT was meant to be 😉

My kids are awesome! I have a teenage son who’s hilarious, smart and witty. He’s taller than his ‘rents… and he can out-eat/out-text/out-video game anyone I know. I also have an adorable pre-teen daughter. She is: Sweet. Caring. Free-spirited. Beautiful. Brave. Sensitive. And totally unique. She’s turning into quite the lovely young lady.

My license says that I’m “30-something,” but I like to think that I’m still living in my 20’s. Anything crafty, pink and/or covered in glitter makes me happy. I love to lift weights, spend hours at the beach, hang out with my fabulous girlfriends, clearance shop, laugh with my husband  and take bazillions of pictures with my new fancy-pants camera!

Scrap-booker, craft-lover, cookie-baker, God-seeker, happiness-spreader, face-booker, calorie-burner, cheer-leader, mile-runner, offspring-protector, chance-taker and head-over-heels husband-lover: that’s ME 🙂


8 thoughts on “About BP

  1. Hey Bridgett! I’m Kelly, I’m married to my awesome husband, Jason & we have 4 great daughters ages 8, 10, 12, & 13. All active in sports. We have dreamt of moving to Maui forever & finally realized we r not getting any younger, why wait. We live in Oxford, MS, I’m from the south, my husband from California, grew up spending summers in Maui. I’m looking for some tips:) I hear schools r pretty bad in Maui, what school system your kids go to? What town is good for families & not the most expensive? What items did u ship & just sell & buy when u got there? What about doctors & hospitals? (If there is an emergency) I know the cost of living is high, but the lifestyle surely makes up for that. And seeing there is a costco, Walmart & old navy makes me think it can’t be too bad. I even love thrift store shopping. I’d really appreciate any ideas u have since u just went through what we are about to with moving to Maui. Thank u! Kelly

  2. Aloha Bridgett!

    We have a construction company which has evolved into a sister company, Alii Destinations, a vacation rental management company. Both here on Maui. We love your blog and are wondering if you are interested in posting a guest blog on our own website? We think our guests would enjoy your perspective on island life. If you are interested, please message us on Facebook or the contact page on our website. Thank you! Erin

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