Halloween in Hawaii.

Since I no longer have any seasonal cues, holidays just sneak up on me. Halloween?! Already?! So I made some plans to visit Front Street in Lahaina. I threw together a Minnesota Vikings fan costume that actually turned out really cute and made me miss my home state.
It was a perfect day for Halloween. I mean: Perfect. For someone who has grown up wearing layers under my costume–or jackets over my costume, 85* was a really nice change. Shorts and a T-shirt on October 31st?! I’ll take it.
We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then headed out to see the parade. Little did we know that we would actually be in the parade so that was kinda cool. We had a lovely night and everyone was enjoying themselves. We saw some really creative costumes. Since we had kids and didn’t want to see any crazy come out, we left early so the kids could do a little trick or treating. Next year I’m going to do it big. Here’s a few pictures of the evening….













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