Life is too short for dull nails.

Isn’t it though? I mean, I’m not a total girlie-girl or anything but I really love it when my nails are pretty. I usually have no patience when it comes to manicures. Who has time to sit and wait for polish to dry, only to bump them on something and have a nice smudge. So frustrating! I’ve tried all the pinterest-y designs only to end up annoyed. Enter: Jamberry nails. I saw it on Facebook through a friend and right away I was skeptical—but very interested. I figured that I’d just request a sample to see if this product can hold up in the Hawaii elements. Aaaannnd, they totally did. Sun, sand, salt water, dishes, scratching, cleaning, wearing flip-flops every day of the week… and there they were stuck to my nails. And I was sold. I figured, this product is awesome and I joined on board and haven’t looked back. But for those who aren’t sure what Jamberry nails are, let me tell you just a little bit: they are non-toxic, gluten free vinyl wraps that are made in the USA, safe for kids and come in over 350 designs (plus you can design your own! How cool is that!?) They are heat and pressure activated and they come 18 wraps on a sheet-9 different sizes from “big toe” big to “baby pinkie” small. Wraps on fingers last 1.5-2 weeks on average.  Wraps on toes last 5-6 weeks! That’s around $4 a mani or a pedi. I don’t carry the inventory–so if you want to order, go to and place an order. (Remember: buy three, get one FREE!) They have been shipping out to customers pretty quickly! Once you get them (contain yourself! It will be like Christmas morning!) make sure you understand how they are applied. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. But I say it like this: take the time that you would be spending on waiting for polish to dry (and freaking out that you are going to bump something and ruin them…. It literally happened every time I painted my nails. I don’t sit still very long!) and put that time to PREP. Clean, dry nails. Cuticles pushed back. Wipe down your nails with alcohol. Have the basics: orange stick, some use a clean tweezers, a small scissors, a strawberry margarita and a hair dryer 😉 Wait, what? A hair dryer? Yes. These are heat activated. They need to get a blast of heat to kick start their mo-jo! Measure out wraps along nails, cut carefully. Don’t touch any of the backing with your hands (I’ve learned how to be a nail ninja with my orange sticks- I use one to take the wrap from the clear backing to the heat source to my nail. It works like a charm!) Carefully blast some heat on the wrap. It will only take about 5-10 seconds. You will see it start to curl just a little. Put it over your nail-centered-not touching any skin-and push down firmly. Rub. Rub. Rub. Smooth those edges out. Then blast a little more heat on it. Now you can cut the excess off the top if there is any. I’ve gotten pretty good about not wasting. Maybe it’s the inner-scrapbooker from years ago, but I dislike waste and try to be as thrifty as possible. The more I put these on, the less I have to cut off. Then hold a file straight up and down and gently file down the edge. That’s it! Easy right? I mean, it’s a little more involved than simply slapping on polish, but let me tell you–this is gonna last way longer and look oh-so-much cooler! I mix and match and always have a hard time deciding where to wear what. It is a real problem 😉 And another problem: when your current wraps are a week in, still looking great, but you reeeeallly wanna change it up. Sigh. It’s good to be a girl! Contact me with any questions! I hope you fall in love with these little things as much as I did. But you must take a picture and post it on FB or message me so I can see. I love hearing happy stories! Here are just a few of my current nails. Cute right?



Aloha Flower toes. Seriously, just looking at my feet makes me smile. People must think I belong in a mental institution. But look how cute!! Eek! 🙂




I was hoping that by digging and rubbing in the sand, it would give me an excuse to change my wraps. I mean, they were five days in and everything! No can do. They stayed put. Such a dilemma 🙂

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p.s. I have a Facebook page:  You should like it cause you like me 🙂 I’ll post specials and games and lots of fun! Go ahead and see 🙂 And if you want a sample, I would love to send you one! The folks at the Post Office know me really well by now! Wanna have a facebook party and earn product? Let’s DO it!!! 🙂

Jamberry: 🙂

p.s One of my FAVORITE Jamberry youtube channels is this one: check her out. She’s a hoot! And she has some really good ideas for the wraps! 🙂


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