Have you heard? Have you seen? Jamberry nails are the best thing since sliced bread! Ok let me tell you a little more. These are heat activated, non-toxic, gluten free nail wraps that are made in the USA, not tested on animals and they last a long time! Oh and my favorite two things: they come in over 350 fabulous designs AND I don’t ever have to wait for nail polish to dry! Yippie! I liked them so much that I decided to sell them. I’m a jamberry consultant! So, if you want to check it out, if you want a free sample or learn more about having a Facebook party, let me know! Head over to bmp.jamberrynails.net click on “shop” and see all the colors, patterns and designs for yourself. Buy there and you get one FREE. They ship directly to you! It will be like Christmas Day when they come in the mail! Check me out at Facebook.com/bmpjamberry happy wrapping!!

My newest jamicure 😉

Oh the colors and choices! It’s fun to be a girl 🙂

This is three weeks into one set of wraps! The big toe is pink polish. The rest are jams. Salt water. Sand. They are still lookin’ good!

This was my first jamicure a few days in. Mix & match!

Business cards! I’m official 🙂
So these things are pretty cool. I’m hooked. Check them out for yourself 🙂

Happy Aloha Friday!


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