Sigh. I wanted to be better about my blog posts. How come life gets so busy? I’m thankful for the busy-ness. I just can’t believe how fast time flies. So here we are.. Mid February. What?! I know. It’s crazy. And we are still in tshirts so it doesn’t *feel* like February. But my calendar tells me it is. Here are some pics of the things we’ve been up to…
We went and checked out jaws! Big swell at a big surf spot. So cool to see huge waves.




It was amazing. The next day we celebrated my birthday with friends from Minnesota who were vacationing on Oahu and hopped over to see us and do the road to Hana. So awesome!





20140211-223121.jpg waterfalls. Laughs. Hiking. Beaches. Sunset. It was a wonderful day!

That was way too short of an update but it’s better than nothing. I’m way past my bedtime. Must. Have. Sleep. Till next time

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