I’m up way past my bedtime. I can’t seem to fall asleep. I look at Instagram and Facebook and my photos… And my brain won’t shut off. I can’t believe it’s almost a new year already! It seems like I was just sitting in freezing cold Montana writing a blog post on NYE. And now, here we are. This year has been quite the adventure. One of my favorite things to do before the new year is take down the calendar and look through it… See all the appointments and dates.. Things we saw and places we went. 365 days. It seems like it should feel so much longer, yet the years are starting to slip by. In just a few months I will be the mother of a 17 year old! Our baby just turned 13! Josh and I will celebrate 16 years together next summer! Wait a minute… Weren’t WE just 17 the other day? We have much to be thankful for. Life is not always paradise in paradise but dang, it’s a pretty nice view. The rain has moved in and along with it are days of rainbows. We saw one yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. The most vivid one I had ever seen.

It was so amazing! A full double rainbow. This was after I had taken some with my dslr and had to run back to get my iPhone. Then to end the night, I got to see this…

I’m still in awe most of the time when I watch the sun set here. It’s spiritual. God most certainly makes the most beautiful paintings in the sky.
We had a wonderful Christmas here. It didn’t feel like Christmas and I loved it!!








Time for bed! Two more days of 2013. Make ’em count! 😉


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