Quick update :)

Aloha from the middle of the sea! Life is good!

20131109-225228.jpg the little miss got her junior divers certificate! A scuba diver! She’s growing up so quickly 🙂

20131109-225452.jpg after she was done, we went to the beach… Stumbled on a resort and did this for awhile. It was lovely!
Mckenzie and some neighbors went to the mall for Halloween.


20131109-225708.jpg the moms decided that they should dress up for fun too 😉
My puppy was a good sport when I tried to dress her up as Hawaiian dog.

20131109-225859.jpg the weather is still pretty amazing.

20131109-230458.jpg doesn’t look like fall~right?!

20131109-230545.jpg I check this every day. Makes my friends and family seem closer 😉

20131109-230735.jpg we’ve been getting rain! Or as I’m told “Hawaiian snow” it poured and poured today! 🙂
Only 3 weeks till thanksgiving and we’re still in shorts! Hope this finds you all well! Hugs! BP


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