Palm trees

Palm trees. What is it about palm trees? Let’s be real for a sec– they are one of the strangest looking trees on the planet. Some of them have got to be 100 feet tall! (disclaimer: i am terrible at guessing heights and distance-but 100 feet sounds about right!) Thin, super tall trunk and at the top sits a bush of green. Weird-and so lovely at the same time. I’ve seen so many varieties and still- I can’t help but to look up and marvel at them and feel so little and thankful. The way they move in the wind. They way they just chill way up there in the sky. They way they remind us of the beach and the water and coconuts and paradise. They make even busy industrial places seem a little more relaxed. Today I am thankful for palm trees. I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing them sway in the sweet breeze. 🙂







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