August already?!

Hi! Sorry I’ve been MIA on here lately… Here’s what we’ve been up to:

My kids started school! I’m not even gonna lie: It was a little bittersweet for me. I am so glad that we’re back to a routine, but I was a little nervous and anxious for them. New school, new friends, new teachers—all in a place where they are the minority. We knew this was something we were probably going to encounter-but I hoped that we wouldn’t.. As a family, we’ve experienced only a few minor things that had to do with us being haoles. But we all know that kids are good at targeting others because they are different. So-I spent most of the morning praying for my kids-and trying not to worry about them. I have to say, I was relieved when they came home and had good things to say.


Jordan started 11th grade (and is now driving him self to school every day!) and McKenzie started 7th grade.

So along with the kids starting school, this mama is going back to school too. I am way excited! I am working at finishing up my AA degree. I’m getting close. I got really excited when I opened the UMHC catalog: Pacific studies, Hawaiian language, Oceanography… Classes for daayyyyss. Can I just be paid to be a life-long student who lounges at the beach and clearance shops? Winking smile

Josh celebrated his birthday today! 8/08 is always the nicest day of summer—but spending it in the 808 is pretty sweet. I am thankful to be spending my years with this man. He is still a kid at heart! We go to the beach almost every night. We run a mile, swim, run a mile back, swim and stretch. Talk. Laugh. Breathe in the salty air and feel the waves crash on our feet. I love it. I look forward to it all day. This is why we moved here. Less stuff. More life. Way more life. I’m smitten with life in Hawaii Smile


My little sister is coming to visit me for a whole week starting August 14th! I am so so so excited! I am going to send her back to Minnesota sunburnt, exhausted and in love with Maui! I have so many fun things planned!

Maui has had two shark bite incidences, one tropical storm, the body of a missing snorkeler who was just found this morning and another storm on the way. Wow. Gotta be on your toes around this place.

Well, there’s a quick update on the Parker4. Life is good, busy and sunshiny Smile

Hugs from the middle of the Pacific!



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