Heebie Jeebies at the beach?!

For those who are tired of all my posts about fun in the sun… Do I have a doozie for you! We were at our favorite beach last weekend. Weather was great. Josh was snorkeling, McKenzie was making a sandcastle and Jordan had just left to go home. I had just cooled off in the water and came back to lay on my mat and soak up a few rays. I sat down and used my foot to push our small cooler over…. when this THING came running out towards my leg. I kinda wish I had someone behind me filming, because I am certain that I pulled off an Olympic style ninja move while jumping up and off of my mat in the blink of an eye. I’m sure it was quite amusing to anyone who witnessed it. But at the moment, I was in total panic mode. I saw thee biggest spider I had ever seen in my life. It was black. It was fast. It was the size of Texas. It cruised under my mat and I ninja-styled it off of there. I was (silently) freaaakkking out. I decided that I had to prove to Josh that I had survived such an ordeal, so I had to capture it. I moved everything back and armed myself with the Rubbermaid container that I had been using to make sandcastles with. Slowly I peeled back the mat and the heebie jeebies set in. I quickly slammed the plastic container down and caught him in the sand. Holy Tamole. Freaking ginormo! (I’m doing the heebie-jeebie shudder as I write this! Gah!) Josh comes back and I anxiously tell him my amazing adventure of survival!! I lead him over to the container and prepare for victory. He pulls back the container… and the beast was… dead. I had cooked him in the hot sun. All shrived up he looked just like a normal spider—and my story was not as awesome as it should’ve been. It was a bittersweet moment. So, just so no one feels the need to be jealous of me anymore, here is a picture and a link of Hawaii’s cane spider.


If you read about it.. they can get between 3-4 inches big (the size of a CAN of tuna!!!!)   (deep breaths, think of palm trees, listen for the ocean, look for your tan lines….) All better Open-mouthed smile

So, I am my own hero for surviving that one, even though I am my only witness! Winking smile

And just so any of my future guests know, we will not be sitting by the trees at the beach—and—there is one less cane spider in Maui.

Let’s end this on a pretty, smelly good, happy note…

DSC_1143Ahhhh… can you smell them? I’ll work on making this scratch and sniff for future posts!

Till next time!

xo! BP

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