Where in the world…

People are wondering: just where do we live. Well for starters: we are living on the most isolated land mass on the planet… did you know that? Kinda crazy. No wonder it takes so long for things to get here. So: we planted our roots in beautiful, incredible Maui. We live in Kahului. It’s the main hub of Maui. Airport, Costco, Wal*Mart, car dealerships, harbor and the mall. I think of it kind-of as a tiny Minneapolis. Here’s a map I found and edited a bit so you could see where we are, where we go and what we do. I also made a little key so I could explain a little more in detail. How efficient right? Winking smile



**It’s Black rock beach, not black beach–and I don’t know if that the real name-it’s just what everyone calls it… it was too late to fix my typo. So-there ya have it! A little glimpse into where in the world we are. It’s funny how different Maui is if you drive just a few minutes. From weather, vegetation and people; it’s like a different state if you go just a few miles. The west side is just about perfect, the south side can be really hot, the north side can get really windy, the east side is pretty rainy, the top of the mountain can get cold—enough for them to have fireplaces! And the central area (us).. well, we get pretty great weather. I’ve been here for a month and I’ve only seen it rain here a few times. And when it does, it’s like 10 minute “grocery store produce” kind-of showery mist. I can totally handle that!

I hope this finds that all of my lovelies alive, well, happy, full of positivity and enjoying every bit of summer! I love seeing all the BBQ’s, lake days and family gatherings that people post on Facebook. Life is good. Get out and play.

Till next time,


BP Open-mouthed smile

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