One month in Hawaii :)

Whoop whoop! That’s right! We’ve already been here a month! It kinda feels like we just got here. But then I look at the calendar and the planner and realize that it’s been a productive 30 days!

We’ve been busy—and it’s been good. Not easy. Not perfect. Not always butterflies and cupcakes, but still good. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you look outside and see palm trees waving in the breeze. But living in “paradise” isn’t always paradise. Kids still talk back, cars still break down and frustrating things still happen. I’ve heard a few times: “I’m so jealous, I want to move to Hawaii!”  Here’s the deal: there is nothing to be jealous of. Moving to Hawaii forced us to make huge sacrifices. We moved away from all of our family. Every single one of our relatives lives thousands of miles away. We totally down-sized. We got rid of everything that we didn’t “need”.. dirt bike, things that we were attached to, my closet full of clothes, things that held memories. We moved to a city where we didn’t know one single person. No one knew my name. After living and working in the same small town for years, this was a whole new experience that was a little hard on me. They say that the loneliest place is to be alone in a crowd. Thankfully my husband rocks and he loves to listen to me ramble on our nightly walks. Winking smile We had to find all new: new friends, new routine, new jobs, new street names. New and different. Being in Hawaii doesn’t make it easy. Easy would’ve been to stay in MN, put our dream on the shelf for a few years and dust it off to see if it still fits. Our life was consistent, predictable and full of routine. But I felt that adventure was calling. I prayed like a mad-woman during all of this. I trusted that God had a plan for us. Little did I know, that His plan would be better than mine. Staying close to God has helped me keep my head on straight and kept me as normal as possible (haha). I want to say: I do not regret moving for one minute. I absolutely love Maui. The weather (duh), the beaches (obviously) and the challenging adventure. Life is good. I am right where I am supposed to be. I will be thankful for every moment that I’m here. I truly feel blessed.

We’ve learned a thing or two during the 4 weeks here. Like when someone tells me: “I live in Makawao” I can now visualize the general area. There was a time when I’d smile and think: “Is that where cartoon characters live?” Also, “Island time” is a real thing. Things are sllllooooowwer over here. I’ve had to adjust my speed of walking, talking and thinking Smile Oh! Costco! The one here is insanely busy from the moment they cautiously open their doors until they push people out and quickly throw a lock on. It may be palm trees and rainbows in the parking lot outside, but inside it’s like rush-hour with tons of lost and confused tourists pushing cart-fulls of liquor and Hawaiian chocolates. A little scary- but still it’s one of my most favorite places to go.

This is an fascinating little island we live on. I started a list of some things that I thought were interesting and share-worthy. Ready?

1. Gas prices. They never change (they’re just always expensive!) I can remember driving around checking the 5 cent differences from station to station on the mainland. Not here. It’s $4.59 at almost every single station—except Costco—$4.09—the only place we fill up. And it hasn’t changed in 30 days. Not up. Not down. Good thing is, you can’t really go far, so even though it’s pricey, you’re not burning much.

2. Sunrise/Sunset. Ok, this was one of the weirdest things for me to figure out. The sun starts to set here at 6:45ish. No lie. And since we’re on the east side of the West Maui mountains, once it starts to set, it’s gone! How can it be dark by 7:15? Last time I checked, it was not December. And the sun comes up at about 5:15. By the time it’s 7:30, the sun is so high in the sky—like where it would be at 9:00 in MN. Strange. This just means that while the sun is up, I should be at the beach Winking smile

3. No shoes/no shirt? I have yet to see one of these signs. I saw a dude walk into O’Reilly’s the other day with board shorts on. That’s it. It’s casual baby!

4. jeans and black t-shirts. So many of the locals wear this outfit combo here. It is between 80-85* every single day. They wear it and they don’t even look hot or sweaty. I give them credit.. I would be a melting candle. I suppose it’s like being raised in the MN cold your whole life.. after a while, 10* feels good in a T-shirt Winking smile

5. If you have a pick-up truck, and the cab is full, you may ride all over the island while enjoying the Hawaiian scenery from the comfort of the bed of the truck. This reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad would drive me and my brother down Cedar Avenue in his El Camino to Dairy Queen. We sat in the back and we’d wave to everyone. We thought we were so cool. When I drive around, I see people chillin’ in the back of their truck—breezes blowing, sun shining. There are no major highways here, and the highest posted speed in Maui is 55 mph, so it’s pretty safe. It reminds me that even though Maui is buzzing with business, it’s still got a small-town feel.

So, there’s a little more Maui for you for now. Moving was a crazy adventure, but I’m lovin’ it. No one should be jealous. Make a plan to be adventurous in your next chapter. Here’s what I think:


We are so thankful for those who continue to support us and love us and encourage us. We are blessed with many good people near and far. Mwah to you!

Wishing all my friends and family and followers a very happy 4th of July! It’s the holiday with the most fatalities due to car crashes, so please be safe. And remember:


Dream. Live. Do. Be. Go. Achieve.

Much Aloha,



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