thirty five

It happened. It really did. I celebrated my 35th birthday on January 24th! 35 years or, 420 months, of life! What an accomplishment. Or is it? This seemed to be the number that rattled me a little. I woke up that morning and I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t excited about “my day.” I was actually a little bummed. Just a little. Getting older and older and older. I knew that a good hard workout at the gym would most likely turn my attitude around. I pumped iron and punished myself with squats and lunges for an hour. I listened to Justin Bieber and cracked a smile as I flexed my arms in the mirror. I was praying and apologizing to God for my poor attitude. After all, I am blessed that I even woke up that morning! –That  my heart is still beating. –That my health is good. –That I am able to celebrate another January 24th! When this all came crashing down, my attitude was instantly transformed. I started thinking about all the things that I still have left to do in this life. So many beautiful places that I want to go. Cool things that I want to see. Bucket list to complete. Kids to finish raising. A dear man that I long to grow old with. There is no time for a pity-party. It’s time to start living!!


I love that my birthday falls just a few weeks after the New Year. Keeps me thinking about those freshly proposed resolutions. A few of my favorites: “Less stuff. More life.” “Commit to constant improvement.” “Be the most positive and energetic person I know.” “Wake up and live.” I want all these things-and more. Lots more. God wants us to live life to the fullest! Full. Big. Bold. Alive.

DSC_06201 (476x640)

2013 has a few important dates for the Parker4. I turned 35. Jordan turns 16 on March 14th. Josh and I celebrate 15 years of marriage on June 5th. McKenzie will turn 13 (teenager!) on December 19th. Life is so good.. and so busy. We have much to be thankful for and much to look forward to. I am going to be excited about life! Follow those dreams—no matter how big or unreachable they may seem. Another birthday just reminds me that life isn’t slowing down. Life is good and it’s getting better and better. I am feeling blessed and loved. God takes such good care of my family! Here’s to an exciting, adventurous, young, life-filled 35th year and 2013!

DSC_1036 (9

~Bridgett Smile


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