1 more day…

It’s almost 2013. Two thousand and thirteen!! It seems as if the 90’s were just the other day. Can it really be almost a new year!? Well, 2012 has been quite the busy year for the Parker4. Josh started talking about moving in February… The kids joined “team move” in March… It took me till April to accept this idea and hop aboard. We talked to a realtor the next week. The house was on the market 4 weeks later. 12 hours after it hit the web, we had our first and only showing—in which they went from our house directly to the realtors office to sign a purchase agreement. 48 days later, we were packed up, handed over our keys and drove 650 miles west. Phew. It still kinda makes my head spin. It has been quite the experience for us. Not always easy. I pray for God to continue to bring our family closer and I believe that this happens through the good times—and the challenging times. Our little family is doing pretty well… we’ve all gotten pretty adjusted. New family. New friends. New jobs. New house. New schools. New. New. New. It took us a while to call this place “home”. Minnesota was and probably always will be “home.” But truth be told, “Home is wherever my husband is.” If he wanted to move to the middle of Kansas, I’d be by his side. As long as I have internet access and a strong cell signal that is. A girl’s gotta be able to check in with the peeps! Smile

I don’t remember what any of my resolutions were from last year. Probably something like: “workout everyday. EAT BETTER. Sleep at least 8 hours. Make time for yourself. Do nice things. Be crafty.” I  am usually pretty good at keeping up with them (but they usually are pretty similar year after year.) I decided that I was going to make some good ones this year. They’re more like “reminders of a good way to live life”….


I think that if these become daily habits, the other stuff: sleeping enough, working out more, eating less junk (sigh.. that’s a tough one. Raw cookie dough is one is life’s most wonderfully tasting simple pleasures!).. the rest of that stuff will just fall into place. It’s the whole package of a healthy lifestyle. Mind + body + soul. 2013, let’s do this!

McKenzie turned 12 on December 19th!!! I can’t believe our little girl is growing up so fast. She is sweet, caring, funny and so care-free. She is growing into a wonderful young lady.


Her birthday was the same night of the Christmas play that was held at the high school. She played the part of “Dolly Holiday” and she had a solo! I’ll get the video posted here soon.


What else… OH.. Jordan got a job! He works at a nice restaurant here in town. He’s washing dishes, but he knows that the real money is doing the ‘waiter thing.’ I think he’d be so good at it. Josh is driving truck.. out in the Bakken oil fields. I think it’s so cool. This is the “gold rush” of our time! He tells me all kinds of stories of things he sees out there.  I cannot wait to get out there with him.  He’ll be working—I’ll be taking lots of pictures of all the business buzzing in North Dakota! Wal*Marts with empty shelves, 20 ounce bottles of pop for $3.00, miles of man-camps, little towns filled with semi-trucks. It’s crazy alright—and I wanna see it!!

We were supposed to go back to Minnesota for Christmas. I was so so SO excited! We were working out a bunch of details of how, when, where, how long, and who. December is always a crazy month in my world… when you love Christmas, you love to bake, and you have a daughter born in December, it’s a crazy month. We were down to the last few days before take-off, when we got the news that Josh’s beloved grandmother passed away. Her funeral would be here the day after Christmas. I was torn. Go home and be away from my husband on Christmas? Stay in Montana and miss my Minnesota family over Christmas? Try to do Christmas in MN, and get back the next day for a funeral in MT? I knew exactly what this was. God said “MN must wait. Patience. I want you here. I know what’s best. Trust me.”  So, that was that. We spent time with family here, had a nice low-key, stress-free Christmas. It was something I’ve never had before. I think we were needed here more than we know.

Speaking of Christmas:DSC_0900 chr

I know it’s late.. but I love this picture. Here’s a few more from our venture out into Montana for “the” picture. DSC_0926 (7)DSC_0982DSC_0910 (7)DSC_0943 (3)

I took a LOT of pictures-I won’t say just how many–but I’m pretty sure the number had three digits in it. My family is such troopers. Thank you Montana for being beautiful as always. Josh was happy that our Christmas card finally had snow in it!

I found myself another hobby. I’m a little obsessed. It involves two of my favorite things: my camera and my laptop. Here’s a few examples:

DSC_0170DSC_0232 (P)DSC_0612DSC_0121 20122 (425x640)JB2DSC_0613

Pictures. Fonts. Colors. Words. I take the photograph, I edit, I make it awesome. I love it. I just want to make pretty & clever things all day long… even if no one cares. I feel craft and nerdy and artsy-fartsy Smile

As we embark on a brand new year, I’d like to wish you a very happy 2013! Thanks to those who keep in touch with us. We have so many people in Minnesota that we miss so much. Facebook & texting makes you all seem so much closer. And I promise, 2013 is going to start off with a lot of skyping. I’ve had an account set up since August. Now that it’s January, I suppose it’s time to do it! Happy 2013 friends! Wishing you good health, much happiness and a whole lotta wonderful new memories. Life is short… Life doesn’t wait. You must go live! Remember:


Happy 2013! Make it good!

~Josh, Bridgett, Jordan and McKenzie


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