Already almost… December?!?

Woah. Where is the time going kids!? Sometimes I have to look at the calendar twice to make sure that I am really seeing the date correctly. Days are fleeting. Thanksgiving day will be our 4 month Montana anniversary! Four months. Crazy. Things are good. We manage to stay busy—which is kinda how we like it. We don’t sit still very often (I should clarify: my kids sit still… but thankfully their mother shakes things up!) Smile 

I’d better catch up: So, October: Our 10 day MN vacation was great. Josh keeps referring to it as “The Best Of Tour"… We saw so many people, went so many places, did so many things and had lots of fun while we were there. My little brother Nicholas married his lovely bride Alyssa. The wedding took place over-looking Lake Superior in Duluth. It was so spectacular! I was asked to take photos—who me? What, you think I like to be behind the camera or something? Uh… you’re right! It was a little chilly but we all managed to soak up the lovely ceremony and forget about our cold noses (We ARE in Minnesota—cold noses are kinda part of the whole package!) Winking smile 


I even snuck in for a picture with my brothers, sister, stepdad and my mom:DSC_0301

and one of my FAVORITE pictures of the day:


Time to get married!!


Here’s the Mr. and the Mrs….


Aww! So lovely. Congrats to my brother and welcome my new sister. So glad that we were able to be part of their wedding!

We wrapped up that day by driving down to Minneapolis for a Halloween party. That’s right. Fridley to Duluth to Minneapolis—in one day. And then, the next morning, we were heading back to Montana. Talk about going out with a bang!

We got our first Montana snowfall almost 2 weeks ago! I have to admit that I got a little giddy when everyone was buzzing with the “pre-snowstorm” updates. It hit on a Friday night.. and it came down. We left to have dinner with some friends at their house… when we came outside—everything was sparkling white! We drove home to go play (and by play, I mean—Josh snowblowed the driveway and I got my camera out and made McKenzie come out in the yard and pounce around in the fresh fluff!) It was SO pretty!!


Jordan decided to go to Coed. It’s kind-of like Prom, but the girls ask the guys and the girls pay for the tickets & flowers. He went with his friend Allysn from Cross Country.

They made an adorable couple!


Must be the girl in me.. but I just love to “ooh” and “ahh” at sparkly dresses… girls start playing dress-up at the age of five, and we never truly stop. Did someone want to go shopping with me!?


Oh and I forgot to mention an important detail…. we transferred McKenzie to the itty-bitty school that I work at. With her added to the roster, the total is 34. Thirty four students grades K-8. How many kids can say they’ve been to a school like that?! She seems to like it—she’s pretty well liked Smile

So now… it’s on to: Thanksgiving, McKenzie’s birthday, Christmas planning (we’d like to come to MN—and we might do it by train! FUN! Still have to iron out a few details, but it looks like it could be do-able.) snow, cold, winter and New Years! Phew!

Wishing all my family and friends a very happy Thanksgiving! May you be surrounded by loving family, happy friends and delicious food. (I’m making a turtle cheesecake and homemade rolls with cinnamon butter—every time I think about it, my stomach rumbles.) Ready for Thanksgiving goodies!


Till next time ~JBJM Smile


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