Just a quick update….

Oh wow! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged. Yikes! Well life in Montana is still good! Everyone here is staying busy. Here’s the quick update:

Jordan finished up a great season in Cross Country. That kid has some determination! He would come home at least once a week telling me how much time he’s shaved off of his mile runs. The final meet took place at a beautiful golf course in Sidney MT. He got 9th place overall… those boys just keep running…. and running…. and running!! They wore pink socks to honor the late wife of the CC coach! Love to see that pink!! Good job Dawson County High! Smile


McKenzie started gymnastics! Of course after just watching the Olympics a few months ago, she wants to be able to bring home some gold… I told her that practice always pays off. We are going to start doing push-ups and sit-ups before we go to bed and we’ll do some P90X yoga during the week. We’ll be ripped in no time!

I started a new job! Get this: I work at a 100 year old little 3-room school house out in the middle of nowhere! (Yet it’s only 8 miles from my house… shows you just how desolate Montana really is!) It holds grades K-8, and the school total is: 32!! It’s pretty neat. It’s a classic country school. Miles of wheat fields right out the back window. A beautiful horse that comes by every once-in-a-while. Kids bring their own lunches, and they work as a group to clean tables, chairs and the floor. It’s such a great experience. No “cliques,” no bullying, no worrying about who’s wearing what. The kids are all friends and the bigger kids look out for the littler kids. Awesome.

I’ve also been taking time to get out and spend some quality time with my Nikon. There are so many beautiful photo op’s all around me. I try to get out at least once a week and get some pictures and then spend some time editing them. I turned a few into postcards and mailed them out. Way cooler than the ones that were at the local store! A few people have encouraged me to look into selling them.. so I am learning about what it takes to put them online to see what happens. Here are just a few from last weekend on our hour long “I think we might be lost, but let’s keep going” detour.

DSC_0066 DSC_0014DSC_0029

It is SO stinking beautiful out here. I can’t even explain it. As we were driving last weekend (on a strange dirt road that lead to another road and another road and we had no cell service, and the sun was setting and we weren’t sure where we were…), Josh turns to me and says: “I am so thankful that you appreciate how beautiful this is” I looked at him confused and asked “What do you mean? Of course I think this is beautiful!” He smiled and said “Yeah, but you truly appreciate this… all of it” And I totally do. There is beauty everywhere!


Although it’s pretty here…. I am SO ready to get to Minnesota for a visit! And that time has come!! 10 days in land of lakes, trees, family and friends!!!  We head out in just a few hours, so I suppose I should get some sleep tonight! (Who can sleep when it’s like the night before Christmas!?!?) Smile

The house smells like baked goodies (Montana monster cookies, pumpkin spice muffins and cinnamon churro puppy chow). Laundry is clean. Bags are packed and waiting to be loaded into the car!

Minnesota… I MISS YOU!! See you in a few hours!!



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