Psycho with a camera…

So I have had my “new” Nikon for about 8 weeks and I’ve barely managed to get it out of the “auto” setting. Sad. It’s like having a Porsche and never getting it into 5th gear. What?! That’s crazy. I’ve been watching some Youtube videos—with my trusty sidekick in my lap. I’ve learned a few things. But most of all… just get out and play with your camera. Since we live in a new town, I decided to drive around and check out some of the scenery. It was a perfectly cloudy day… and then the sun poked out. But I still managed to get some cool shots with no weird shadows. I love the looks you get from people when you’re bent over snapping pictures of the sky…. or a train…. or someone’s old hot rod. I promise to look and not touch Smile  I had fun all by myself finding some fun little spots {I even found a bunch of really cool back drops for my kids’ annual “mom is going to take 100 pictures, but it will feel more like 1,000 pictures” day. I bet they will be stoked when they hear the news!!} A friend on Facebook told me about a cool editing program she uses… and like a curious little girl, I HAD to check it out. Well after that, nothing else was accomplished. I didn’t even have to make dinner. Score! Edit. Edit. Edit. Oh, I could do this all day. Here’s some of the pictures I took and that I edited. I can’t wait to print some of these out and slap them up on the wall….

. DSC_0416DSC_0383(2)DSC_0318DSC_0350DSC_0422DSC_0336DSC_0313DSC_0393DSC_0086DSC_0290DSC_0329DSC_0335DSC_0392DSC_0370

Proof. Life is beautiful. Editing is art. And yes, I am a psycho with a camera. Smile


4 thoughts on “Psycho with a camera…

  1. Ur Halarious! Ive had my canon for over a yr and still javmt had the time to really figure it out. what programs did u use for editing?! I strive to learn about anything to do with photography!

    • Thanks! I used PicMonkey. It’s free for now, but like anything else, I’m sure it will be a charged service. I think some pictures just aren’t THAT pretty until you play around with editing. It makes ALL the difference for me 🙂

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