Settling in…

Wanna know how we celebrated our one month of living in Montana?!? By moving—again! So, we were staying with Josh’s dad until we figured out what we’re doing. {This whole moving thing just happened so stinkin’ fast! By the time our house hit the market, it was time to hand over the keys—or so that’s kinda what it felt like!} Anyway, we were staying there until we figured out our next step. Well, it just so happens that God works in mysteriously, wonderful ways! We were able to move into a cute little house in the nicer part of town… blocks from the kids’ school {we can hear the HS football games from our front door!} Both kids walk/bike to school which is so much better than piling on a big school bus. We live just 3 blocks from our first MT friends, the park and the pool are just steps away and the river is right behind our house. The backyard is so awesome—here are a few sunsets that I’ve taken from the yard:


I know, I know.. I go a little overboard. I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to run and grab my camera and snap pictures of the amazing colors in the sky. It’s my version of “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!” But really, how awesome are these!? This is literally out my back door. My Nikon is most likely going to be put into overtime now. Smile

And this house—it’s so little and cute.. and so quiet… and safe.. but the neighbors.. well, they are mischievous as you can see here…


*Don’t worry.. this picture was taken by Papa Bear himself. I was in the house, snapping pictures on my phone. I couldn’t believe my eyes.. but I shouldn’t be so surprised.. this happens a lot. The deer are all over the place in this town. Day. Night. Doesn’t matter, They are out and about. It’s pretty cool.

The kids started school! Jordan is in 10th grade and McKenzie is in 6th grade.


The classes here are great! I figured moving from a small town to another small town would just be the same ol’ thing. But these kids are taking some fun classes that weren’t available in our old district. Like ART! It was cut from the budget when we were in MN, but not here. And McKenzie’s second cousin is her art teacher—yay! As we all know, it’s so good to have “eyes” in the school when you’re not there Winking smile Jordan has all kinds of fun classes as well and he really likes his teachers. I hope and pray for a successful year for these two. Moving to a small town where everybody-knows-everybody-and-you-don’t-know-anybody can be a little scary. So far, things seem pretty good.

And last but not least, here is the cute little place that we shall call “home”…


Cute, quiet, safe and just lovely. Flowers. Big trees. Tons of birds. Great neighbors. Scenic views. We are very thankful. I think we’re finally feeling a little settled in this town. Getting involved in church, youth group, sports, clubs.. meeting people, neighbors, friends… staying busy and enjoying life.

I think about my MN friends and family A LOT. In fact, I think I still run on MN time… I’ll look at the clock and see that it’s 7pm and I’ll think “Well it’s 8pm in MN… I wonder what my girls are up to..” I can’t wait to get back and see MN—but I’m thinking we might hold off until October. I just can’t imagine not being there to see the fall colors unfold in front of our eyes. Someone told me “When it’s autumn in Montana… all we get is yellow.” Boooorrring. It’s just not fall without some ‘candy-apple’ red and ‘pumpkin orange’ scattered in there. I think it’s safe to say that the Parker4 is liking MT but we all think about our peeps in MN. Thank goodness for FB and texting. I can’t imagine being out here without it!

And so, August is coming to a screeching halt. {Can you believe it!?} Enjoy the last week of summer! And can I just say: “The best part of waking up, is sending the kids off to school” {sung to the Folgers commercial} All mothers will be rejoicing soon! We love our kids, but we love it when they are in SCHOOL! Smile



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