One month

Hello from the wild wild west! Okay, so it isn’t all that wild! But it IS good. We are still here, still busy and still livin’. I got some new cool app thing on my laptop for uploading right to my blog. Figured there’s no time like the present to figure it out and get typin’…..

McKenzie and I had our first “play date” with some new friends the other day. It was so awesome! They have lived all over the US, so they aren’t locals—which is nice for us Winking smile They are learning where everything is and who everyone is and embracing this crazy small town life too. They are a sweet family with two fun little girls, not too far away from us. McKenzie is thrilled!!!

I wanted to post a few pictures on here for those who aren’t on FaceBook {I know—it seems so odd that there actually ARE people who aren’t on FaceBook! No fear… I haven’t forgotten you!!} We’ve hiked, biked, walked, and explored this town. Makoshika State Park is only 1 mile from us. Here’s a little blurb I took from the internet: Makoshika State Park is located in the rugged badlands of eastern Montana in Glendive. The name Makoshika (Ma-ko’-shi-ka) is a variant of a Lakota phrase meaning land of bad spirits or “badlands”. Although the area resembles the badlands of the Dakotas, these badlands expose older rock layers. Makoshika is the largest state park in Montana, covering over 11,400 acres. This beautiful and unique terrain provides for exploration and discovery that you won’t find anywhere else!



We went hiking with my brother and sister-in-law who stopped through on their way back to MN from Oregon. They were troopers on our hike! It was hot, sweaty and we went a really long way! There were no injuries and NO snakes!! {I think I’m a little obsessed with this.. I am scared that I am going to meet up with one of these yucky things! I always talk really loud and walk really hard—just to scare them off if there are any hangin’ around.. ick!} The 6 of us had a really good time and took some really cool pictures!! They were so excited over the awesome beauty of this place!


We had a blast together.

Josh and McKenzie went ahead of us. He had the camera and got some super cool shots of stuff. I love that he’s enjoying our new camera. We purchased a Nikon D3200 and it is fancy-pants! He’s got an eye for weird, neat, fun, different and really unique!


Awesome right?!?

Then I flip through the pictures on my camera and and I see this one:


She will be the child who will give me premature gray hairs. We’re just going to change her name to “Carefree Fearless Lives-for-the-moment” Smile

Good things are coming for the Parker4… God is SO good. All in his timing. {Stay tuned—we’ll update soon!!!}

We are taking our “summer vacation” tomorrow {We take the kids somewhere fun every summer before school starts. I didn’t realize that in Montana, school starts BEFORE Labor Day. Guess when you’re born & raised in Minnesota, it’s just common knowledge that school doesn’t start until AFTER the State Fair and holiday weekend combo. I’m learning new things everyday!} So… a stay in a  hotel complete with school shopping and a visit with Josh’s wonderful family in Billings it is. That’s a “vacation”…. right? Smile

Till next time lovelies

BP Smile


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