2 weeks in a small town…

We’ve been here for just over 2 weeks… and boy has it gone fast! It’s already a week into AUGUST!!!! Just proves to me once again… doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live or what you think you know… life IS flying by and we gotta get out there and live it—every day.

This small town is hilarious. I mean, I know that Isanti was a small town…. but it was nothing like this place. I literally saw a family of cowboys and cowgirls walk into the local library. Head to toe western gear. Huge hats and even bigger belt buckles. I couldn’t help but look—I’ve never seen such a thing.

Some of the great things about being a “newbie” in a small town:

Where ever I drive, everyone stares at me like I’m that new foreign exchange student: Those bright white MN plates stick out like a mismatched, out-of-style outfit . I’m not ready to see them go yet, so they’ll stay for a bit longer.

Running to the local grocery store with no make-up, yesterday’s clothes and frizzy hair is no.big.deal. Nobody would know that it wasn’t my usual style—and, there’s a 99% chance that I won’t run into anyone I know! Score!

Josh and I go for a 4-5 mile walk every.single.night.  We go on a different route every time—we see different people, different yards, different houses, different street names. This also makes my morning runs go by so much faster. I just need to remember how to get back to where I started. 😉

It’s legal to drive 4-wheelers, golf carts and other motorized toys down the main roads…all over town… to the grocery store, post office, gas station, cop shop…. It’s so weird. Makes me want to trade in my truck for a hot pink ATV. It just seems like it’s breaking the rules. It’s so funny to me, to see a 4-wheeler cruise out of Kmart with all their goods. It’s good to be amused so easily. 🙂

Glendive is an older town… I guess there’s a lot of interesting history. Josh tells me it was once called the “Gateway city.” {Something like that. I was listening—I promise!} Pioneers would cross the Yellowstone river here. I’m not much for history, but I am diggin’ the architecture here. I have learned to appreciate the beauty and charm of these older houses. They are simply adorable. Each has their own unique character. I’ve lived in “cookie cutter” neighborhood for so long, I didn’t realize all the variety throughout older neighborhoods. Makes me think that maybe I could someday pursue a future in real estate…. Hmmm…..

No sales tax! McKenzie gets a blue raspberry slushie at the local gas station for exactly .69— the same price that’s posted on the sign. A cup of coffee is exactly .99. This should be standard everywhere!

We’ve been busy staying busy. Josh is working on all sorts of things. As I type away in the A/C, he’s hard at work ripping off an old roof and putting on a new roof for the neighbor {and on his BIRTHDAY of all days! What a champ!!}. These oil-field guys pay top dollar for an excellent carpenter like my guy. I am looking for work… the job market here is so different from MN. Lots of work in all kinds of different fields. I applied for a job driving a UPS truck. I seriously thought that could be a hoot! Paras, office managers, bank tellers, laborers… the list goes on and on. Josh told me that I should get my CDL and work in the oil fields. Um, thanks for the idea, but that would never happen. I heard that in Sidney MT {which is about 60 miles away} there’s 1 woman for every 50 men. YIKES. Scary thought.

Josh’s other grandparents live in Billings and we are SO excited to cruise out there to see them and the rest of the cousins, aunts, uncles… and the CHIPOTLE! 🙂 Josh and I talked about moving to Billings 15 years ago. It’s one of those awesome little/big/perfectly-sized towns that you could move to and live there forever. Mountains. Trees. Big sky. Nice people. It’s like a mix of Maple Grove, Minneapolis and Red Wing Minnesota. You get it all.

Life is good for the Parker4. We had visitors yesterday! My brother CJ and his wife Megan were traveling from Oregon to Minnesota and stopped in Montana to see us. We took them hiking with us for the day at Makoshika State Park. It was scary, amazing, hot, fun and a great workout! No snakes! No injuries! LOTS of pictures. We were all exhausted & filthy. It was SO fun to see some lovely familiar faces.

The kids will start school here on August 22nd. They aren’t super excited about that… they think that school shouldn’t start until after Labor Day. I am looking forward to it {as I imagine most mothers are!}. Hoping and praying for a successful and productive learning year for my kids. Changing schools isn’t always easy, but I believe it IS character-building! They are already Minnesota ‘tough, nice and awesome’.. now they need to go show it!

Birthday cake, shooting guns, county fair and an up-coming trip to Minnesota are all on the agenda! Here’s to another great week… the last few of summer 2012. Get out and soak it up 🙂



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