We made it!

We made it! We’re actually here in Montana. What a whirlwind!

From our first and only showing to our smooth final closing, it was only 48 days. *Fourty eight days* I can’t believe it’s over. But really, it’s not. God has blessed us this far, and I know he’s not done yet. The Parker4 have a TON of living left to do. MT is just a pit-stop during the whole grand adventure. I didn’t sell my house to live in this town for the rest of my life. But, it is great spending time with family, taking in the scenic surroundings and living in a weird, small town with cowboys, big trucks, cool houses and lots of dry hot days.

I’ll back up just a little bit. So, my 3 week long crazy-single-mother-one-woman-circus-show-entertainer gig came to a screeching halt! {I was counting down the minutes…you know, like when  you’re waiting for chocolate chip cookies to finish baking?! They seem to take forevvvvver!! This was sort-of the same.. the waiting… the excitement… the timer finally goes off. Ding! HE’S HOME!!!!!} My husband came home! It was so good to be back together! Like old friends, we didn’t miss a beat and got right back down to business… the “selling our house/moving out-of-state” kind-of business {what were you thinking!?} 😉

Jordan got his DRIVER’S PERMIT! Oh.My.Word. So here’s the deal: riding in the backseat with an inexperienced driver is a little {lot} scary! Especially when his first time behind the wheel is during a HUGE Minnesota rain storm. Terrifying. He did a great job though… I just {silently} panicked and prayed like crazy. The next time he drove, he did even better. I can’t believe my little boy is all grown up and is not very far from getting his license!

We said good-bye to so many friendly, familiar faces during our last week in Minnesota. Dinners, BBQ’s, parties, people stopping by… it was really wonderful and so touching to see how many people care about us and will really miss us. Awesome!  God put so many great people in our life, and I am convinced that we will see many of them again someday! Thank goodness for the technology these days or I’m pretty sure that there’s NO WAY I’d be up for moving. Facebook, blog posts, texting, email and snail mail is all making this move a whole lot sweeter.

The actual closing went really smooth.  We sat across from the buyers {who were filled with joy!} and  we chatted away for what seemed like an hour. Sharing info on the plants in our yard, answering their questions and telling them why they should avoid the sunroom at ALL costs {with a full belly, the sun pouring through the windows and a super-comfy couch, there is no way anything else on the “to-do” list will get done!} Their realtor smiled at us and said: “It is SO refreshing to see the sellers and the buyers getting along like this. No bickering over this and that. Just a nice happy transaction!” And it sure was. We stepped out of the building and said our goodbyes, complete with a handshake. We watched the buyers walk to their car, him hugging her and her smiling with joyful  tears. We are so blessed to know that the sweet house that we called “home” for 12 years will be taken care of by wonderful, loving, appreciative people.

We said goodbye to our pretty little house. I did one final walk-through as Josh was loading our final things. It was so empty, yet so lovely and full of life. I shed a few tears as memories filled my mind of our life in this house. All the cool projects that Josh did. Birthday parties. Babies. BBQ’s. We lived a great life in that little house. I will always remember how much I loved it.

We stayed with Josh’s mom and stepdad for a few days. We had another fun going-away party! It was a toasty hot day—perfect for a pool party hosted by one of my most favorite aunties! The deck was full of family & friends, the pool was full of bathing beauties, and the kitchen was full of delicious treats. What a blast! It was weird to know that in the morning, we’d be leaving MN and moving to MT. Weird, but we were ready.

Our drive out started off great! Perfect weather, no wind and 3 rested drivers. I even got to text and facebook while my teenager had his hand at the Minnesota/North Dakota interstate. We stopped in Fargo to see some family, stretch our legs and grab some lunch. Got 45 miles west and a tire from the trailer lost the tread. Of course it happened in a small town. Of course it was a Sunday. Of course we had to go all the way back to Fargo for a new tire. J&J fixed it in the scorching sun. We decided that we would just put this road trip on hold and stay in a hotel for the night. It was the best decision of the whole day. We ordered small-town pizza, watched cable with the A/C blasting and spent the evening swimming in the pool and relaxing in the sauna. It was exactly what theParker4 needed after a week of sad goodbyes and 24/7 chaos! I was so frustrated when this delay came into the works, but I realized in no time that this was God saying “MT? Nope. Not today. You four are gonna pack in some quality time first. Tomorrow is better.” And it was.

Well, we’ve been here one week already. I know that I have all of my stuff with me… but it still feels like we’re just visiting and we’ll head home sometime soon. I miss my MN family and I try not to dwell on it too much. We’ve seen some really cool stuff, explored some awesome places and had some really good times together.  My kids are spending time with great-grandma who is 88. Josh is building cool stuff with his dad. We have a big to-do list to get done: get to Billings to see a bunch of family, go shoot some guns, avoid rattlesnakes, make some friends, take a bazillion more pictures, attend a “real rodeo,” buy cowboy hats {haha..okay..maybe not!} and tackle some more hiking in the mountains. Montana is a pretty great place, but Minnesota will ALWAYS be home 🙂

We are on a family adventure. We’re not sure what’s up next…but we know that God is in control and it’s going to be good.

Until next time friends! 🙂



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