Ohmyword! I have been MIA!! My brain feels like it’s in a blender over these past few days. There is so much going on! Life is busy–and good:

Our closing date was pushed up a day–but this means that I get to SEE MY HUSBAND a day sooner! {Yes! I miss his face!! I miss it so much that I texted him and told him that he should send me a picture so I can remember what his cute face looked like. I checked back to my phone a few hours later and as soon as I opened up the text, and saw his smiling face “looking” at me… my heart literally started fluttering! I kissed his face–I mean, I kissed my phone! ūüėȬ†I got all teary eyed and a little (lot)¬†sad.¬†He called and we¬†talked for¬†a long time–like we have done every night for 3 long weeks.¬†I really, really miss him. When he rolls in here, we will have been apart for 23 days. Too long.¬†Dad needs his family & the family needs dad!} So, we close Wednesday, but we have access to the house until Thursday at noon, when we hand over keys. Since we were originally going to close on Thursday, I asked for a little time to make sure we had this place clean and ready! The real countdown is on now ūüôā

So: Less than one week till our big departure! {One week–when did¬†THAT happen?! Time was supposed to slow down so my last MN month would seem really long!}¬†Next Sunday we will be heading out west to become official residents of Montana. I really can’t believe it. It’s weird even saying it. But then,¬†most things that are happening lately just feel: weird. There’s no other way to explain it. Like yesterday, our mail came–for the last time to this address. Weird. We are working hard at eating *everything* in the fridge & freezer–the goal is to completely empty¬†them out….and no more grocery shopping.¬†Weird. Or the one that’s been the hardest: typically when ending a conversation, I’ll say something like: “Alright, see ya later!”… and now I’ve been catching myself mid-sentence and it’s more like “Alright well, see ya laterrrr… or not” and then I try to laugh and pretend that it’s NOT weird that I won’t be seeing them later. I’ve lived¬†in this¬†small town for 12 years and I always see them later- at Wal*Mart, at the post office, walking by my house. I DO see them later.¬†I feel like I know¬†half of¬†the people¬†in this town. I actually¬†kinda feel like a ‘local celebrity’ sometimes. {No really–I do–it’s not¬†glamorous, but it’s fun when¬†I¬†go for a run or a walk and wave at¬†cars¬†driving by that are honking at¬†me and I¬†think: hey! I know you!}¬†Now I’m moving out to a place where I’m only going to know a handful of faces.¬†*sigh* it’s going to be weird.

Josh¬†told me today: You do realize:¬†this isn’t it. Living here is not the center of the world. There are lots of¬†people out there waiting to meet you {he’s so sweet–that made me smile.. saying goodbye to my friends is not going to be easy!} I don’t want my¬†last goodbye¬†to be sad.¬† And I really¬†don’t want to say goodbye to my super-fantasticly-amazingly-wonderful group of girlfriends. I thought about it today and it brought me to tears. I guess I¬†had really been avoiding that¬†thought–until today. I really¬†am moving and I really¬†have to¬†leave.¬†There are so many¬†more ‘goodbyes’ than ‘hellos’ for me lately. I guess¬†I’m just gonna have to take them all with me. There is no other logical way to move 600¬†miles¬†away. I will drive and pick them up one-by-one.¬†Get ready girls–we’re¬†relocating¬†ūüôā

My house is getting¬†empty.¬†A tote of food sits in the kitchen and every cupboard is empty.¬†I have no kitchen table. I’m sleeping on an air mattress {camping inside your own house: it’s not my most favorite part of this move–but I’m pretty sure that I’ll survive!} Eating off paper plates. Empty walls, closets, garage. Listening to¬†my voice echo¬†through my house¬†after¬†I yell at¬†my child. It’s all weird, but I am convinced that this IS what we are supposed to do. This past weekend, I had a 3-day garage sale and 90% of the people that came, used¬†the sold sign in my yard as a conversation piece. For 3 days I heard: You’re moving? You sold your house? Where are ya going? Why are you moving to Montana? When I got to share that my house sold in 12 hours, I could almost see their head spin–but I could see their jaw drop. Amazing. God is good. It’s nothing that we did.¬†There is no way I¬†could¬†pull this off. God wants us to go–that is pretty obvious.¬†I tell the story to people¬†and I still get goosebumps. We are supposed to go live an adventure. Soon enough, all of this won’t be weird anymore!

Here’s to my last¬†6 days in the great state of Minnesota. Friends. Packing. Cleaning. Waterpark. Errands. Phone calls. Mosquito bites.¬†Living out of totes. Last little girl softball games.¬†Hot humid days. Eating all the perishable food {green beans, blueberries and eggs anyone? I am kidding… but I could get creative. I’m thinking that I’m going to have to recruit help from Pinterest!}¬†¬†Closing. Moving. Goodbyes.¬†Happy Hugs. Sad tears. Going away party. I really should try to¬†fit a little bit of sleeping, eating, facebooking and exercising in there too.

Till next time… I might be a Montana resident when I write next. Weird. ūüôā


5 thoughts on “Weird.

  1. Thanks Gretchen! It sure is. I am so thankful for FB during all of this so that no matter where I am… I can keep in touch with all of my friends ūüôā Waiting for news on baby Barrett ūüôā

  2. I still think that this is so very exciting.. We will miss you guys.. but we miss you already.. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures.. please be sure to write often so we are all updated.. loving you…

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