Memory Lane is bittersweet.

22 days till the big move {we actually gained 2 extra MN days! Our parents wanted to send us off with a big goodbye, so we are closing Thursday July 19th, celebrating with the fam at a going-away party on Saturday July 21st, and heading out west on Sunday July 22nd. We will stay with Joshs’ parents in Fridley for a few days!} This means that we will be moving in exactly 3 weeks from tomorrow morning. Eeek!

I’ve been going through everything that we own {and I mean evvverything.. shampoos, shoes, sets of sheets…}  I will get this house downsized. When my husband gets back from Montana and walks in, this place will be next to empty. I am woman! Hear me roar while you watch me do this by myself. I’m not scared. I toootttally got this! 🙂

Simplify. It’s a little word with a big meaning. We are striving for simplicity! {I found this on Pinterest–I liked it. That’s all.}.

-Keeping this. -Throwing that. -Donating this. -Selling those. -Not sure what to do with that. -Can I part with this? -I am so glad to get rid of that. -Bridgett, you do not need 8 of those. -How much do I really need this? *Sigh… These are just a few of the many thoughts that have been in my head over the last few weeks. Sometimes it’s hard to part with it.

Stuff. It’s amazing how it accumulates. I admit that I like my “stuff.” Lots of shoes. Clothes that hang in rainbow order in my closet. Drawers bursting with more white socks/pretty undies/tank tops than I can wear. But since I can’t Uhaul my closet to Montana, some {a lot} must go. Shopping {especially for a good deal} makes me really happy. All of my cute clothes remind me that I worked really hard at the gym to be able to fit into these clothes. But really… how much is too much? I am proud of myself and my purging skills this past week. The pile outside of my closet door seems to get bigger every day.

I decided that I needed to go through our totes of pictures. So many pictures! {I now see that I indeed have a photo obsession. But.. I’m pretty sure that no one has ever looked back on their life and said “dang it.. I reeeeally wish that I wouldn’t have taken quite so many pictures!” *although, I did make my kids start the mega-organizing process while I was at work—and I did spend 5+ hours going through them… Someday I will be glad that I was so obnoxious with the camera!} Most of them were back from my 35mm days of taking pictures. And I always ordered doubles. And I always took a few of the same pose–just incase. I always had film in my camera. I took a lot of pictures! So, I knew that I had to look through all of them so I could throw away the duplicates and the blurry ones and get them into some kind of order. As I dug into piles and piles of pictures, I realized that I had a big smile on my face the whole time. At times I was smiling while my eyes filled with tears. I have lived a really great life. I’ve known some really great people. Josh and I have literally grown up together. I’ve had some really great laughs. My kids were some of THEE most adorable little people that I’ve ever seen. I have a LOT to be thankful for. I’m not quite sure how times flies so stinking fast, but it does. Blink and one more month is gone. {As I type this, only 16 minutes are left in the month of June–how can it be JULY already!?!} It’s bittersweet on every level. I once heard: The days are long, but the years are short. It’s so true isn’t it?

And so, I must remember that even though all this packing, purging and planning can be a little sad at times, life is GREAT and I believe that it’s only going to get better and better.

Here’s to another empty shelf, another bare wall, less stuff to pack… I am learning: Less=more.

BP 🙂


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