Single moms have super powers.

I’ve been running a “one-woman-circus-show” for 2 weeks. Literally. It’s been a little nutty around here. Like this:

Josh went out to Montana on Thursday, June 7th. He brought a full truckload and trailor of his tools with him. He also brought everything that he owns {clothes, toothbrush, deodorant, shoes–everything!} It’s so bizzarre. I feel like he left me {I know he really didn’t, but when you don’t see any of your husbands things laying around-or in the dryer-or on the bathroom counter, it just feels SO weird!}  He needed to help his dad with some remodeling stuff, and work on getting everything squared away for our upcoming arrival. I’ll admit that the first few days that he was gone, I really was too busy to ‘miss him.’ …Wait! I promise, I’m not heartless. I was just taking on the role of mom AND dad–while keeping our house clean, figuring out what to keep/sell/give away, having a garage sale, running child A to location Y and then turning around and running child B to location Z. Then there was: Keeping food in the kitchen with a teenage boy around. Appointments. Phone calls. Bills. Facebook. Oh, and that little side gig called a full-time job. I tried to find a few minutes to sleep, text & hit the gym {riiigghht!} somewhere in there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.. I’m just stating a very true fact that dawned on me during these past few days: Single moms have super powers. It’s true. Single moms have to do it all–in the midst of chaos, with full moons, broken-down cars, kids with attitudes, no sleep and a million things swirling around in their head. I am reminded of this each time I have to put on my “single mom cape” and roll-up my sleeves and juggle more things than I think is possible. This isn’t our first rodeo when it comes to being separated by miles. We’ve done this many times before. In 2009 he worked in Montana and lived in Minnesota when construction went down the tube. {Talk about a long commute!!} He was in MN for half the week and in MT for the other half. It was not a fun time. But we made it work not only because we had to, but because we knew we could do it. {I like to think that we’re a pretty tough couple–and being apart so many times has made us so much closer now 🙂 }

I know I’m not a real single mom, but when I have to temporarily “pretend,” it reminds me of the women I know who do this 7 days a week. 365. Self-less. Strong. Focused. Determined. Full-time job + full-time job. It’s a job only for the strong of heart, mind and patience. Single moms are rockstars. That’s all. 🙂

My time as the ring-leader has almost come to an end. My husband–my best friend–my other HALF–my sanity comes home today! And yes, I DO miss him. I will prove that I am a good wife. Exhibit A: “Love of a Lifetime” came on the radio the other day {“our” song.. the first song we danced to as a married couple} I ran upstairs,  stood by my stereo, cranked it up and smiled like an idiot as tears filled my eyes. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HIM {this the BEST thing about being separated. Being apart is a drag, but reuniting is the BEST! Absence indeed makes the heart grow so much fonder!}

Up next… a 3-day weekend that looks something like this: chillin, packing, organizing, BBQ’n, and a going away party with friends & co-workers & neighbors—so many super-awesome faces that I am going to miss so much.

Till next time…



5 thoughts on “Single moms have super powers.

  1. Hope Josh made it home safely.. you guys have an awesome weekend.. enjoy your party.. get your camera charged and take lots of pics.. better yet, have someone else take lots of pics so you guys are in the pictures..

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