Changes are coming..

I did some math today… here’s what I came up with:
It’s 6/19/2012
Two weeks from today {7/3} is my last day of work.
One month from today {7/19} we close on our house.
Can that be right!?! Changes are coming and they are coming fast!
Then our realtor emails me and says “Things are moving along very smoothly…infact if you are interested, you would be able to close early–if you want.”
Either Montana really wants us ORRR Minnesota is trying to get rid of us. ūüôā
¬†{Of course I told him “no way jose! We’ve got about 101 million things to do/people to see/things to pack/spots in the house to clean and fun things to do before we leave!!”} OK, I didn’t say it in so many words, but it IS the truth! So much¬†livin’ left to do in MN!!¬†I have to cram so many great things into my next 30 days! Somehow through all of this, I remain so calm and focused {THANK YOU JESUS!}

So I L.O.V.E this picture.¬†Someone posted it¬†on Pinterest one day and it just made me smile.¬†Ya know when¬†you find those certain¬†words that just speak to¬†you? Ones that make you stop and think¬†for a moment.¬†This is it for me.¬†I had to post it on here, because it’s made me realize that change is okay. It’s normal. It’s healthy. The world will always tell¬†me what I can’t¬†do, but I need to remember what I¬†can¬†do. {Embrace change, and chance and¬†risk}¬†Okay, you get it. I¬†reeeeally like it. I¬†have it on my phone,¬†on my desk at work and I need it on a shirt, tattooed to my head and imprinted on my truck. I just adore it and makes me feel much more sane¬†{and super brave/adventurous/alive}¬†when I think of what we are about to do. ūüôā

With that said.. the clock is still ticking…Pretty sure this stuff isn’t going to pack itself {but how GREAT would that be!?!?} ūüôā


2 thoughts on “Changes are coming..

  1. I love your words . . . this totally resonated with me, and I am so thankful to have met a kindred spirit in the midst of huge change for me!!! ‚̧

    • I love you Tina! I didn’t even read the post until just now. Crazy how life can seem so crazy and wild and then when the storm is over, you look back and think: look at how far I came!!! ‚̧

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