Aloha! Oh goodness, I am so behind on this blog. I need to set an alarm on my phone each week to update.. always so much going on and I have like a billion pictures ;) So HI! I hope this finds you well. Life is good isn’t it? It’s not always perfect or full of rainbows, but it is good to be alive. I was looking through photos on my computer and Facebook… then I started reading through our blog. I specifically went to the post from last May… when we spilled the beans. That was 10 months ago. Almost a whole year. I really can’t believe it. I am feeling especially nostalgic tonight. I’m looking on Pinterest at graduation party ideas for Jordan and realizing that in one year he will be a high school graduate. I can’t help but think about how fast time goes. During the midst of raising teenagers, sometimes I catch myself wishing days away, and then I remember how brief life really is.

In other news, this is some of the stuff we have been up to:

I took Jordan on a mother-son date the other night. We went to Ihop and then to see “God’s Not Dead.” I really enjoyed this movie and encourage you to see it.

McKenzie has had a few swim meets and has done really well. She truly enjoys being in the water.

Jordan is running track and gaining speed. I hope he continues to run for the rest of his life.

McKenzie and I ran in the Color Run here on Maui. It was SO fun!

Josh went out fishing with a friend and caught a few fish by just throwing a net. He really had a fun time.

Jordan and I talked about his future.. college… where he wants to live… what he wants to do… thinking about big decisions next spring.

I am still loving life on an island. I didn’t miss one single flake this past winter… but I did have a hard time remembering which month it was ;)

Happy weekend!


Sigh. I wanted to be better about my blog posts. How come life gets so busy? I’m thankful for the busy-ness. I just can’t believe how fast time flies. So here we are.. Mid February. What?! I know. It’s crazy. And we are still in tshirts so it doesn’t *feel* like February. But my calendar tells me it is. Here are some pics of the things we’ve been up to…
We went and checked out jaws! Big swell at a big surf spot. So cool to see huge waves.




It was amazing. The next day we celebrated my birthday with friends from Minnesota who were vacationing on Oahu and hopped over to see us and do the road to Hana. So awesome!





20140211-223121.jpg waterfalls. Laughs. Hiking. Beaches. Sunset. It was a wonderful day!

That was way too short of an update but it’s better than nothing. I’m way past my bedtime. Must. Have. Sleep. Till next time

Top 10 MAUI

Top 10 MAUI

I had an assignment in my journalism class last semester to write a top 10 list. Of course I had to find something on Maui to list off. Places and spaces it was! There is so much to see here, but I tried to narrow down some of my favorites. I still sometimes can’t believe that I’m actually here. And… I’ve gotten the chance to see these amazing places with my own eyes. I don’t feel lucky–I feel very blessed. God makes so many beautiful things. Check out the list and let me know what you think :)



My New Years goal is to stay on top of this blog. At least one post per week is the challenge. I think I can… I think I can! So back up a little bit, just until last Sunday. We had a pretty great sunset here. I got a text from Josh who was running errands, saying “Did you see the Sunset?” Of course this leads to major excitement for me-we don’t see much of a sunset living on the east side of the west Maui mountains. I grabbed my iPhone and went running out the door. At first it wasn’t that amazing… But like we all know, sunsets change quickly. I was looking straight ahead at Iao Valley. I could see rainclouds to the south and blue skies to the north. It was like a painting. I was thanking God over and over and over for the fact that I was standing exactly where I was at that moment. It’s not always paradise in paradise, but it’s pretty darn beautiful.









Whale watching.

Josh and I were invited to join a wedding party on their whale watch/reception. It was so much fun! Drinks, food, sunshine and whales! If you are ever on Maui, I highly recommend doing this! They are magnificent creatures! We really had an enjoyable afternoon on the pacific ;)










The weather, the view, the whales! We did see quite a few and I got some on film. I’ll add that later. It was exciting to see all the breaching out there.

We had to show you how excited we really were! :)

Happy whale watching :)

Happy 2014!

We rang in the new year with fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks. An hour and a half of them. It was so awesome… And so weird. Fireworks and a BBQ… On New Year’s Eve?! I love it! Here’s some of the fun we had:






It was loud. It was messy. It was so much fun. We are blessed with lovely ohana here.
Wishing you a very happy 2014! I’m excited to see what this year brings. :)


I’m up way past my bedtime. I can’t seem to fall asleep. I look at Instagram and Facebook and my photos… And my brain won’t shut off. I can’t believe it’s almost a new year already! It seems like I was just sitting in freezing cold Montana writing a blog post on NYE. And now, here we are. This year has been quite the adventure. One of my favorite things to do before the new year is take down the calendar and look through it… See all the appointments and dates.. Things we saw and places we went. 365 days. It seems like it should feel so much longer, yet the years are starting to slip by. In just a few months I will be the mother of a 17 year old! Our baby just turned 13! Josh and I will celebrate 16 years together next summer! Wait a minute… Weren’t WE just 17 the other day? We have much to be thankful for. Life is not always paradise in paradise but dang, it’s a pretty nice view. The rain has moved in and along with it are days of rainbows. We saw one yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. The most vivid one I had ever seen.

It was so amazing! A full double rainbow. This was after I had taken some with my dslr and had to run back to get my iPhone. Then to end the night, I got to see this…

I’m still in awe most of the time when I watch the sun set here. It’s spiritual. God most certainly makes the most beautiful paintings in the sky.
We had a wonderful Christmas here. It didn’t feel like Christmas and I loved it!!








Time for bed! Two more days of 2013. Make ‘em count! ;)